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PALS Black Eyed Susan

Foaled 01/26/2018 -- AMHA/AMHR

Sire: Iles Smokin Aces (Black Fewspot Appaloosa)

Dam: Mountain Highs Phoenix (Black Appaloosa)

"Susan" is a beautiful black appaloosa filly. She has been tested to be homozygous black (EE); LP/lp; n/n PATN1. Susan will continue to get more white varnish each year. She has a beautiful head! She should mature to 33/34 inches. 

PALS Marshall Dillon

Buckskin Gelding

Foaled May 27, 2018 -- AMHA/AMHR

Sire: PALS Sharp Dressed Man (Fewspot)

Dam: Maple Hollows Perfect Echo (Buckskin)

"Dillon" is a beautiful buckskin colt (now gelded). He has a beautiful head and is perfect in every way! He would make a nice show gelding for someone. He should mature close to 32.00. Dillon is available and is priced at $800.

PALS Left Eye Louie

Foaled June 21, 2018 - AMHA/AMHR

Chestnut Pintaloosa Gelding

Sire: PALS Sharp Dressed Man

Dam: Sandy Oaks Shawnee Princess

"Louie" is a tiny little guy with a left blue eye. I doubt that he will ever see 28 inches! He would make a great therapy horse, or show him in the 'Under 30 Halter Geldings Class!' It hard to see his spots in the pictures, but Louie has white spots over his hips and a bigger white spot on his belly. Louie is available for $500.

PALS On The Edge of Glory

Foaled Oct. 2, 2018 - AMHA/AMHR

Buckskin Near Leopard Filly

Sire: PALS Sharp Dressed Man

Dam: Reeces BB Kings Buckeroo Keepsake

"Glory" is a gorgeous buckskin 'near leopard' filly!! What a surprise when she arrived with all this color, out of a solid perlino mare!! She was born in the fall, so I am so anxious to get her clipped in the spring! I will be adding some photos of her after she is clipped. Glory is not for sale at this time.

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