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2012 Foals

PALS Smokin Hot Joker

Foaled 04/01/12

Sire: Smokin Hot Aces

Dam: Magic Jewel


Joker is a beautiful black appaloosa colt with a large blanket and lots

of spots. He has a beautiful head and neck. He should mature about

34 inches. Joker will be offered for sale at weaning for $800, or he

can be purchased along with his dam as a 2-N-1 or 3-N-1 package.


PALS Perfect Trick

Foaled 04/07/12

Sire: Arions Destinys Magic Trick

Dam: Maple Hollows Perfect Echo


Trickster is a tiny bay colt with a beautiful head. He is correct in

every way! He should mature no taller than 30 inches. He is a

grandson of Alvadars Double Destiny and a great-grandson of Little

Kings Buck Echo. If you like the tiny ones, Trickster should make a .

really nice stallion. He is very friendly and is so comical to watch!

Please note: Trickster is now a gelding. He is offered for sale

and is priced at $350.

PALS Smokin DejaVu

Foaled 04/10/12

Sire: Iles Smokin Aces

Dam: Derbytowns So Sorrel


Deja is a beautiful black, or smokey black, leopard appaloosa filly.

She is extremely refined with a pretty head and neck! Her yearling

full sister (also a leopard) is out showing this year and is doing very

well! Deja may mature a bit taller than her sister. I'm estimating

that she will mature close to 33 or 34 inches. Deja will be offered

for sale at weaning. Deja has been SOLD.

UPDATE: Deja's 2011 sister is being shown in AMHA, and she

ended up being the 2012 Reserve Champion in Multi-Color

Mares! See some of her show pictures on the 2011 Foals Page. 

PALS Aces Lucky Lady

Foaled 04/17/12

Sire: Iles Smokin Aces

Dam: Cooks Early Brandy


Lady is a beautiful solid bay filly. She has one of the prettiest heads

that I have seen! She has the appy white sclera around her eyes, so

she may get appy color later on. Lady should mature around 32 or

33 inches. She will be offered for sale at weaning.


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