Derbytowns So Sorrel

2000 Appaloosa Mare - AMHA/AMHR - 31.25

Sire:  Mountain Highs Shoot The Moon

Dam:  Hubers Grey Lady


'Chrissy' was one of our best broodmares!  She gave us FOUR beautiful  leopard and/or near leopard fillies!  Sadly, we lost Chrissy in August of 2014.  Her 2014 filly is being retained.

Chrissy is shown below with her 2014 filly


Maple Hollows Perfect Echo

2004 Buckskin Mare - AMHA/AMHR - 30.50

Sire: COH Echo Express

Dam: J Bar J Glory


Perfect pictured above heavy in foal 2012


We purchased Perfect in foal.  She had a tiny bay colt by Arions Destinys Magic Trick.

  Perfect has had three beautiful fillies by in 2013, one in 2014, and one in 2016.  She is in foal to Smokey for 2017.


PALS May Minx

2013 Buckskin Appaloosa - AMHA/AMHR

Sire:  Iles Smokin Aces

Dam:  PALS Katiebug Cuddles


Minx is a beautiful buckskin near-leopard appaloosa.  She is being retained for our breeding program.

 Minx is pictured below as a foal.

Minx is pictured below as a yearling in 2014.

PALS Image of Gracie

2006 Black Varnish Appaloosa Mare - AMHA/AMHR - 30.25

Sire:  Komokos Blue Eagle

Dam:  Derbytowns Gracie


Emmy has proven herself to be a wonderful broodmare!  She has produced ALL colored appaloosa foals by our main stallion, Smokey.  We are retaining her 2014 fewspot colt as a future herd sire.  She is pictured with her 2015 snowcap colt.  Emmy is in foal to Smokey for 2017. 

Emmy is pictured below with her 2014 fewspot colt, PALS Sharp Dressed Man.


PALS Katiebug Cuddles

2009 Buckskin Appaloosa Mare - AMHA/AMHR - 33.50

Sire:  Komokos Blue Eagle

Dam:  Boones Cuddlebug Katie


Katiebug has proven herself as a great broodmare!  She has produced three leopard or near leopard foals by Smokey!  Her foals can be seen on the foals pages starting with 2013.  She has been bred back to Smokey for a 2017 foal.



Mountain Highs Phoenix

1999 Black Appaloosa Mare - AMHA/AMHR - 32.50

Sire:  Mountain Highs Shoot the Moon

Dam:  Mountain Highs Champagne Beige


 I have admired Phoenix for quite some time.  She is a half sister to our mare, Chrissy, that we lost in 2014.  I have been trying to find another daughter of Shoot the Moon since we lost Chrissy.  I want to thank Mother Marija Shields and Sister Kristina (Carmelite Mini Corral)  for making it possible for me to purchase Phoenix.  She arrived from PA on June 28, day after my birthday.  LOL.   Phoenix is in foal to the appaloosa stallion, CMC Sir Gallahad for 2016!!  Phoenix foaled a beautiful black leopard colt!   See him on the 2016 Foals page.




PALS Arizona Gold Mine

2014 Near Leopard Appaloosa Mare - AMHA/AMHR

Sire:  Iles Smokin Aces

Dam:  Derbytowns So Sorrel


"Goldie" is the last foal from her dam, 'Chrissy,' that we lost in 2014.  I'm so thankful to have this beautiful filly to carry on her dam's bloodlines!!



Ridgerunners Hope Springs Eternal

2006 Black Appaloosa Mare - AMHA/AMHR - 33.00

Sire:  Whislin Dixies Shotgun Sam

Dam:  Howards Chantilly Lace


We are really excited to add this beautiful appaloosa mare to our breeding program!  I want to thank Ridgerunners Farm for allowing her to be added to our small group of broodmares!  "Hope" has been confirmed in foal to Smokey for 2016!!  Hope foaled a beautiful black filly.  She is already spoken for.  And Hope is being bred back to Smokey for 2017.


Versatility Farms Moonshine

2010 Perlino Mare - AMHA/AMHR - 30.25

Sire:  Versatility Farms Elusive Dream

Dam:  Iona Farms Desert Moon


I'm very excited to add "Sugar" to our broodmares.  She has been bred to Smokey for a 2016 foal.  We are hoping for a buckskin appaloosa foal!  Sugar foaled a smokey black colt.  He is available for sale on our 2016 Foals page.  Sugar is being bred back to Smokey for a 2017 foal.   



Sandy Oaks Shawnee Princess

2014 Black Appaloosa Mare - AMHA/AMHR - 29.50

Sire:  Showcase Flash Point

Dam:  Godspeeds Happy Appy


We are very happy to add Princess to our little broodmare herd.  Her sire is a lovely fewspot stallion, and she will be crossed on our smaller junior stallion, PALS Sharp Dressed Man, when she is old enough.  Thank you to Sandy Oaks Farm for letting us add her.  





Reeces BB Kings Buckeroo Keepsake

2008 Perlino Mare

AMHA/AMHR - 31.75

Sire:  Bar B King Buckeroo

Dam:  Hiviews Buccarudys Chelses Shiner

We are so happy to add "Trudy" to our small group of mares.  Thank you to Deanna Welch for making it possible.  Trudy came to us in foal to Kakos Designer Spot Me A Star, a fewspot stallion.  Trudy foaled a buckskin appaloosa filly on March 22, 2017.  You can see her on our 2017 Foals Page.